bobbywayne: Musician / Composer / Producer

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bobbywayne is a talented music producer who specializes in creating production tracks that are licensed through various music libraries. His compositions are known for their high level of originality, and they have the ability to evoke powerful emotions in listeners. Additionally, bobbywayne also collaborates with companies that develop sound tools for composers, creating bespoke music that showcases the capabilities of their products.

His state-of-the-art studio is equipped with cutting-edge hardware and software, ensuring the production of high-quality masters and stems. Licensing Info: One Stop (no contracts with other authors); never released; P.R.O. BMI; easy clearance; well-versed in contracts; always deliver on-time based on client briefs.

He developed an unwavering passion for composing and recording original music, channeling his creative genius into producing albums not only for himself, but also for esteemed clients such as publishing firms, music libraries, and film studios.
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Music has been bobbywayne's lifeblood, serving as the central driving force throughout his journey. As a seasoned professional musician, he has graced countless stages alongside renowned touring bands. He honed his skills in computers, guitar, and composition through intensive study in California, and later made significant contributions as a software engineer within Apple's prestigious Quicktime multimedia group.